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Introducing the multi-patented X Driver®, the thinnest, fastest, easiest and most versatile hydraulic torque wrench ever created!

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Robotic Tools offer torque wrench tools and technology. We offer sales, full service calibration, rental and repair services.

If you require a torque wrench or any other kind of power torque tools – including a hydraulic torque wrench – we can help you. Often when our customers begin looking for a suitable torque tool they search Google and usually enter something like “torque tools company near me”. Doubtless to say there will be an array of listings that appear in the search results for companies that supply torque technology and tools.

Seeing as you have found us now, let us introduce ourselves. Here at Robotic Tools we supply torque tools and technology from Robotic Tool Works – a leader in the field of torque technology and whose trademarked torque wrench products are used in industrial settings both in Australia and across the world.


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Robotic Tools Supply Torque Wrench Technology

Based in Perth WA,

Robotic Tools services clients Australia wide – but in particular the mining areas of Western Australia including The Pilbara, Goldfields, Kimberley Peel and the Mid West and South West. Robotic Tool Works has for over 25 years,  revolutionised the power torque tool and torque technology landscape. It has done so by filling the gaps that existed within the range and types of power torque tools that were available, by developing and manufacturing safe, durable, and simple to use torque tools that industries, companies and engineers wanted, but which were not available to them at the time.

Some of the industries for which they design their torque technology and tools are developing industries such as the shale oil sector in the USA. Existing torque technology was not sufficient, so Robotic Tools committed itself to overcome the challenges that designing a completely new torque technology presents. The result was our X-Driver™ Hydraulic Torque Wrench System, which is now the torque tool of choice for much of the shale oil industry in America.

Some Of The Torque Wrench Technology & Power Torque Tools We Are Proud To Have Developed


What we also call this, the ‘Missing Link™’, as engineers had been crying out for such a tool that had previously been unavailable. Able to be used where tall and bulky pneumatic multipliers are not suitable, the Xcelink™ can turn continuously and has interchangeable hubs.

One of our proudest achievements and rightly called the ” fastest, easiest, thinnest, and most versatile hydraulic torque wrench ever created”. This is a revolutionary hydraulic torque wrench system that is thin enough to allow access to small and confined spaces plus its durability is enhanced by its alloy steel construction.

A simple and effective tool that holds thru bolt nuts in place meaning the practice of hammering knocker wrenches is not required. Can be used in multiple scenarios as it fits all API flange applications. Read more about the Uni-Back

This hugely popular tool is the perfect solution to frozen studs and will have them loosened in seconds using a standard wrench or socket. Read more about the Studmate

Used in industries such as wind turbine construction and bridge building, these tensioners and thru bolt tensioner tools can operate at just 10,000 psi. Conversion kits are available so they can be used with various bolt sizes.

This is a heavy-duty bolt tension calibrator that can work in conjunction with a plethora of torque wrench and bolt tensioning tools. The gauge shows both kilonewtons and pounds, and it comes complete with a wheeled carrying case.

The Robotic Tools Difference

Apart from being able to supply you with our industry-leading torque wrench tools, bolting accessories, and torque technologies, Robotic Tools offers a complete range of supplementary services which includes service calibration, tool rental, and repair.

Our advanced facilities are at the vanguard of torque wrench development and production, so anyone that may require a customised solution can benefit from the design and manufacturing capabilities we have and ask us to create a bespoke torque wrench tool or accessory for a plethora of diverse bolting applications.