About us

Robotic ToolsRobotic Tools South Pacific is a premium supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic torque tools and equipment to several industries which include oil, gas, refineries, mining, and component rebuild centres to name but a few. We are based in Western Australia, but our clients come from all states throughout Australia.

Robotic Tools’ main specialities are torque wrenches, tools, and equipment with a focus on hydraulic, pneumatic and battery torque tools. In addition, Robotic Tools also specialise in hydraulic torque wrench pumps and hydraulic cylinders for lifting equipment.

As well as supplying a wide variety of torque tools and ancillary products, Robotic Tools also provide servicing, repairs, and calibration services for an array of hydraulic tools and associated equipment.

Robotic Tools : Some of the specific tools we can supply clients include

• Norwolf Hydraulic Torque Tooling
• Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
• Pneumatic Torque Wrenches
• Battery Torque Wrenches
• Hydraulic Torque Wrench Pumps
• Hydraulic Cylinders
• Low Profile Torque Wrenches

Robotic Tools constantly invest in upgrading and enhancing the range of products we offer and continuously seek out cutting edge torque tool technologies that allow our clients to benefit from the latest and highest specification torque wrenches, tools, and ancillary products. 

Nowhere is Robotic Tools South Pacific’s commitment to supplying the most sophisticated torque wrench technology more evident than with the X-driver hydraulic torque wrench system which we proudly supply.

Robotic Tools’ X-driver is by far the easiest, thinnest, and fastest hydraulic torque wrench ever manufactured and its versatility is second-to-none. The X-driver, along with the multiple drive attachments that can be used with it, combine to create a revolutionary hydraulic torque wrench system that can be used in the smallest of spaces where most other torque wrenches simply cannot reach.

Robotic Tools South Pacific can also supply the range of drive attachments that can be used with the X-driver that we mentioned above. These include the A-drive, the M-drive, and the V-drive, all of which are some of the most versatile and fastest torque drives in the industry.

It is not just hydraulic torque wrenches that we can supply, but also top specification pneumatic torque wrenches and battery torque wrenches with up to 15 different models available.

As for the team behind Robotic Tools South Pacific, we have a passion for customer service and ensuring that every tool which we supply is the right one for the job in question, which is why we provide a full advisory service should you need any clarification or additional information on any of our products, their specifications, or the support services we offer.

Robotic Tools’ mission is to become, not just the most respected and sought after torque tool and equipment suppliers in Western Australia, but in the whole of Australia. Robotic Tools know that is an extremely bold ambition, but it is borne out of our desire for excellence and as such ensuring that every product we supply is the best in class and that we make it available for the most competitive prices you will find anywhere in the torque wrench supply industry.

All that, plus our continuous aim to back all our products up with the finest and most thorough service, repair, and calibration services for all of them, is what we believe sets us apart from other torque wrench and tool suppliers.

Whether you are looking for advice, wish to discuss torque tool products, or require one of our support services, and at the same time want to find out if we can back up our words about looking after clients with actions, then please get in touch. Our dedicated team are happy to help with any enquiry you have and look forward to ensuring you become yet another delighted client of Robotic Tools South Pacific.