Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Advantages Of The X-Driver Hydraulic Torque Wrench From Robotic Tools South Pacific

• Single piece construction
• Torque line is centred
• Single high-pressure O-ring
• Slim design
• Unique swivel design
• Constructed with durable alloy steel
• Can be used with an optional handle
• Competitive hydraulic torque wrench price

Get Acquainted With The X-Driver Hydraulic Torque Wrench From Robotic Tools South Pacific. With Multiple Patents, The X-Driver Hydraulic Torque Wrench Is Thinner, Faster, And Easier To Use Than Any Other Hydraulic Torque Wrench For Sale In Australia.

No longer will nuts and bolts in difficult to reach spaces and small areas be a problem. Constructed using durable high-grade solid steel, and manufactured using clean lines and fewer parts, this state-of-the-art and best hydraulic torque wrench of its kind is more than just a tool…it is a complete system.

The X-driver has rewritten the rules on how a hydraulic torque wrench system should be designed and manufactured. With only three O-rings it minimises the risk of failure massively compared to other hydraulic wrenches which can require up to nine O-rings.

Add to this the powerhead locking into three individual drives without the need for screws or pins, and you have a revolutionary hydraulic torque wrench that is fully convertible.


Innovative 360° x 360° Hose Rotation

Fed up with multiple hoses getting tangled and in the way or multiple swivel heads hampering your work? If so, you will be delighted to learn that the X-Driver's groundbreaking hose swivel configuration will make jobs much easier. You can either have a hose swivel of 360° or if you connect the hose adapter (which is patented), you now have 360° x 360° rotation on two planes.

Low-Cost, Easy Maintenance

The X-Driver has been developed by a premier hydraulic wrench manufacturer to ensure that maintenance is easy, and hydraulic torque wrench repairs are minimised. The end cap does not require any proprietary tools for its removal and the tools for the side plate are all one-size. The interior spring replacements are readily available and thus hydraulic wrench servicing is possible by all users. This principle continues with the single-piece piston which further minimises the possibility of failure.

Holding Pawl With Dual Modes

Prefer to have the choice of holding or hands-free? Well, you can with the X-Driver from Robotic Tools South Pacific, right here in Perth, WA. This is due to its unique and patented optional holding pawl which also has an anti-lock option. You simply engage it to use this hydraulic torque wrench hands-free or disengage it if you prefer.

Thin and Flat For Ease of Use

The profile of the X-driver is completely flat which means there is nothing to get caught on anything when trying to use it in confined spaces. Access to a greater number of job scenarios is made possible by the throat radius being thinner and longer than other hydraulic torque wrenches. Having no shroud also adds to the ease of use. The stress on the internal mechanisms is reduced due to the cylinder bore being smaller than normal but the lever sizes being increased. The lack of pinch points and a link pin makes working with this tool even easier, and this is confirmed by the powerhead being able to be laid flat.

See below the X Driver® System video

Robotic Tools A-DRIVE™

Advantages Of The A-Drive From Robotic Tools South Pacific

• Completely enclosed
• Slim design
• Screw used to easily disengage patented reaction pawl
• Reaction pawl holds ‘B’ dimension steady on all fastener sizes
• Snaps easily into X-driver
• Easier access due to no loose shroud
• Fits all flanges
• Deepest reach of all drivers of this type

A Low Profile Application

This is a hex link that locks to the powerhead of the X-driver hydraulic torque wrench. This enables it to be used for hex nuts, bops, wellheads and other low profile applications. It has a more significant reaction area and with it having only screws instead of pins, repairs are made much easier as you do not have to pry it apart, which is the case with other hex drives. All the screw heads are the same size meaning a single hex wrench is all you need.

Three And Easy

A-drive uses a tried and trusted 3-part design which means fewer moving components, thus reducing the likelihood of repairs and making any repairs easier. Unlike most other drivers its construction consists of the drive gear, the ratchet, and the drive pawl, allowing for a simpler and faster tool. Tested against other hydraulic torque wrenches the A-drive is up to 50% faster, making jobs quicker and easier to complete. It also features hands-free and anti-lock options.

Robotic Tools M-DRIVE™

M-Drive…Reaching Applications Others Can’t

M-drive is a special tool designed for use with the X-driver and specifically suitable for jobs where extremely low clearances exist. It is extremely fast, operates without a holding pawl, and has the flattest profile of all the drives which can be used with the X-driver. Its long lever arm accommodates the use of a 40°stroke and this contributes enormously to its speed. The M-drive is especially suited to applications with extremely tight spaces which many other drivers cannot access.
Advantages Of The M-Drive From Robotic Tools South Pacific
• Extremely fast
• Enhanced accuracy due to sliding keyways
• 40° stroke
• Enclosed patented system with no teeth exposed
• Ultra-thin design
• Options include split link, spanner, or ratchet
• Easily snaps into X -driver hydraulic torque wrench

1) A totally enclosed ratcheting hyper low-profile hex link.

2) A non-ratcheting spanner link.

3) A swing-open non-ratcheting link fitting jam nuts

Robotic Tools V-DRIVE™

Advantages Of The V-Drive From Robotic Tools South Pacific

• Unique, patented, and versatile design
• Super-fast 40° stroke
• Push through drive
• Ball locks
• Thinnest square drive width available
• Totally enclosed
• Can be adjusted in all directions
• Solid reaction arm option available

V-Drive Is Without Equal for Versatility and Speed

The final component of the X-driver system is the V-drive which provides a dedicated square drive to complete the whole ensemble. The power stroke is 40°, meaning the V-drive is up to 30% faster than any comparable drive of this kind. With other features that include a durable aluminium body, no shroud, reaction pawl, and push through square drive the V-drive is in a class of its own when it comes to socket drive tools.

Largest Reaction Area

An important and additional benefit of the V-drive from Robotic Tools South Pacific is its reaction area, which is the largest of any drive of this type. It has at least eight setting options, 360° adjustment, and height adjustment too, taking its versatility relating to the number of applications it can be used on to an unequalled level.