Pneumatic Tool


In industries where fasteners such as nuts and bolts must be tightened to specific levels, the use of torque wrenches is widespread, and one type which is commonly used is the pneumatic torque wrench. Its ability to tighten critical joints and seals such as on whose on wind turbine blades. gas pipelines and oil refinery pipes, for example, mean that a pneumatic torque wrench plays a huge role in the safety of those who live and work close to them. 

The principle behind how a pneumatic torque wrench operates is that it is powered by a high-pressure air supply rather than electricity, hydraulics, or a battery, as is the case with other types of torque wrench. The air is usually generated by an air motor, or in larger industrial settings, there can be a constant supply of air generated at a central point and distributed via a pneumatic pipe network.

Regardless of how the air is generated, the pneumatic torque wrench has its torque set by adjusting the air pressure which is then applied via a gearbox within the tool. The fact that its torque is generated and controlled by continuous gearing within it distinguishes a pneumatic torque wrench from many others, which utilise a series of hammers. Another benefit is that the amount of vibration which is generated when operating a pneumatic torque wrench is minimal. 

Although the tool itself is lightweight and thus easy to handle and move around, there is one obvious caveat related to a pneumatic torque wrench. That is it cannot operate in locations where no high-pressure air supply is available or can be created using an air motor.

All of the pneumatic torque wrenches that Robotic Tools South Pacific offers, have the following list of benefits:

• Require no more than 6 bar air pressure
• Necessary airflow between 600 l/minute & 100 l/minute
• Low noise of just 80db at maximum power
• Single-speed gearbox
• Convenient torque setting and control
• The power handle and control unit can be rotated 360°
• Suitable for high-frequency, continuous use
• Accuracy between +/-3% and +/- 5%
• Easy to operate
• Lightweight and manoeuvrable
We are also able to supply a variety of pneumatic torque wrench products with different specifications that account for you being able to apply a range of maximum and minimum torque settings as stated in the table below. The table also highlights different specifications within the product range which apply to drive sizes, maximum speeds, and the weight of each pneumatic torque wrench.
ModelMin. Torque
Max. Torque
If you want to learn more about how pneumatic torque wrenches are used and where they can be deployed, or have an enquiry about the pneumatic torque wrenches which Robotic tools South Pacific can supply you, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you, and also confirm which of our available pneumatic torque wrenches would be the most suitable for the work you are planning.