Battery Torque Wrench

Battery Torque Wrench

With torque wrenches being an integral and essential part of industries such as gas, oil, wind, and many others, it is fair to say that not every location and application of their use is going to be the same. Whilst many will have and provide easy access to the electrical power, air supplies, and hydraulic pumps required by many of the torque wrenches that are used, some will not. 

In remote scenarios, or which make it physically impossible for electrics, pneumatics or hydraulics to be used, then the experts at Robotic Tools South Pacific advise our clients that there is only one solution, and that solution is a battery torque wrench.

The premise of a battery torque wrench is near identical to that of any of the battery-powered tools that you might have in your shed or garage. A rechargeable battery is connected to the tool to power it and thus there is no need for any other power source. For longer jobs, it is usually advisable to have a spare battery available and we should point out that the battery torque wrenches that Robotic Tools South Pacific supply, all come with a second battery as standard. 

Apart from their manoeuvrability and being able to be used in locations where electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic torque wrenches could not, the basic principle behind why and how you would use a battery torque wrench are much the same as the others. That is, to ensure that a bolt, a nut, or other fastener has been tightened to a pre-determined torque value to ensure that it is neither over-tightened nor under-tightened.

Some more advanced battery torque wrenches also have features that you can find on electrically powered torque wrenches. Examples include digital readouts, and improved reliability concerning the torque applied.

Other benefits of battery torque wrenches are that they weigh less than the other types and are thus easier to carry, have automatic release activation once the required torque is applied, and on newer models, brushless motors, which enhances the lifetime of the torque wrench.

As for the battery torque wrenches available from Robotic Tools South Pacific, they all have the following benefits for users:

• Digital torque settings for enhanced accuracy
• Numerical digital display
• Accurate to +/- 5%
• Brushless motor For increased longevity
• Programmable torque values
• Comes with 2 x 18v 5Ah lithium batteries
• Fast charger included
• 9Ah battery option
In addition, we can supply a range of battery torque wrench models with a variety of specifications that provide for differences in maximum and minimum torque values as outlined below, along with other individual specifications relating to speed, weight, and drive sizes.
Model Min Toruqe (Nm) Max Torque (Nm) Square D(mm) E(mm) L(mm) K(mm) A(mm) B(mm) Weight(Kg) Speed (rpm)
RTB-05S 100 500 3/4 63 180 297 260 110 80 4.6 27.5
RTB-10S 100 900 3/4" 65 180 320 260 110 80 5.1 17
RTB-16S 200 1600 1" 69 180 341 260 110 80 5.8 6.5
RTB-20S 200 2000 1" 69 180 341 260 110 80 5.8 5.6
RTB-30S 400 3000 1" 82 180 358 260 110 80 7.4 3
RTB-40S 700 4000 1 1/2″ 82 180 358 260 110 80 7.4 2.4
If you wish to find out more about battery torque wrenches in general or have any questions regarding our range of battery torque wrenches then please get in touch. The team at Robotic Tools South Pacific will be delighted to assist you, and also advise you which of our battery torque wrenches would be the most appropriate for any tasks or jobs which you have planned.